2021 Annual Affidavit Instructions

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The 2021 Income Affidavit form MUST be notarized this year.

Print 2 copies of the form on legal size paper and attach all supporting documentation (if applicable) and proof of your homeowner’s insurance. Forms can be mailed, scanned and emailed, or deposited in the carrying charges box in either the Bartow, Dreiser or Einstein Center.

Mail: Email or electronically Drop off or Deposited
Riverbay Finance Department
2049 Bartow Avenue
Bronx, NY 10475
Email to:
[email protected]
Carrying charge boxes are located at Bartow, Dreiser or Einstein Center. (boxes remain open throughout the month for shareholders’ convenience.)

Please note that the 2021 Affidavit is due by April 30, 2022.

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