Co-op City Apartments

Co-op City apartments are beautiful, spacious and immaculately laid-out, many with balconies and picturesque windows. Each residential unit is centrally heated and cooled by Co-op City’s independent, self-operated, 40-megawatt tri-generation power plant that kept the lights on in the community during 2012’s Superstorm Sandy when much of the Bronx, NY went without power for days. Shareholders are not billed separately for utilities, which include heat, water, air conditioning or electricity.

Other amenities available to owners include modern elevators and laundry facilities in each high rise residential building, around-the-clock maintenance services, 24-hour private police (CCPD, add link), a Riverbay-operated garbage and recycling program that results in more frequent garbage pick-up throughout the development that is then brought to a centralized garbage depository for sorting and compacting before being picked up by NYC Sanitation.

Indoor parking leases and storage closet rental are available at additional charge.

Co-op City homeowners are members of the world’s largest housing cooperative. Co-op City is “a city within a city” with 15,372 residential units in 35 high rise buildings and seven townhouse clusters with garden and duplex.

Riverbay provides reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities as required by the Fair Housing Act.


There are three building types in Co-op City – Chevron, Triple-Core and Tower, each with a distinctive look and lay-out as described in the following floor plans.





A and C Buildings

B Sides

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